Hello World! (And past writing)

Welcome! Don’t you just love that new-blog smell?

This blog is my new home for technical topics, book reviews, whatever else catches my attention. I firmly believe that web developers should have their own digital space, one that they build, control, and fully understand. For me, this site is that space.


As of this writing, this site is built using Hugo (EDIT: The site is now built with Gutenberg, which is much better than Hugo) the leading static site generator. It uses a self-written theme and the source code lives in a publicly available GitHub repository (EDIT: Now a GitLab repository). If you’re curious about what I was trying to achieve with this site, I’ve written a whole page about what I was aiming for and how well I did.

Past writing

While this is the first post on this blog, it’s far from the first public writing I’ve done. Past highlights include:

Writing a Brief for the iPad Judge

One of my first attempts at linking law and technology—and probably the most widely read item I’ve written so far—was a post about how legal writing should change a post about how legal writing should change when the audience might be reading it on a tablet or other mobile device. This post was linked and discussed by The Volokh Conspiracy, The Researching Paralegal, Simple Justice, At Counsel Table, and others.

As a lawyer and student, I also wrote a ton—though most of that writing was on behalf of a client or employer or otherwise isn’t publicly available. One item that is available, however, is the Law Review article I published, Deterring Discovery-Driven Deletions of Data. This article also lay at the intersection of law and technology, and argued that the legal framework around civil litigation creates incentives for companies to delete data that could be be incredibly useful in the right hands.