Recursive Learning

There’s an interestingly recursive nature to learning programming. As part of my ongoing project to build my programming skills to a higher level, I would like to learn Node and modern JavaScript frameworks/libraries like React and Redux. So, that’s my starting point: What do I need to do to learn these new technologies?

Except that conventional wisdom holds (and I agree) that it makes more sense to become very comfortable with vanilla JavaScript before jumping to a framework. This makes a lot of sense, actually: A framework is a powerful tool, but at the end of the day it is compiling down to JavaScript—if I don’t understand the strengths and weaknesses of JavaScript, I won’t understand the problems that these frameworks were built to solve or the trade-offs they make. And I won’t be able to learn them nearly as well.

So, I’m off to learn vanilla JavaScript. Time to read books like Crockford’s JavaScript: The Good Parts and Eloquent JavaScript.

Except …

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Hello World! (And past writing)

Welcome! Don’t you just love that new-blog smell?

This blog is my new home for technical topics, book reviews, whatever else catches my attention. I firmly believe that web developers should have their own digital space, one that they build, control, and fully understand. For me, this site is that space.


As of this writing, this site is built using Hugo (EDIT: The site is now built with Gutenberg, which is much better than Hugo) the leading static site generator. It uses a self-written theme and the source code lives in a publicly available GitHub repository (EDIT: Now a GitLab repository). If you’re curious about what I was trying to achieve with this site, I’ve written a whole page about what I was aiming for and how well I did.

Past writing

While this is the first post on this blog, it’s far from the first public writing I’ve done. Past highlights include:

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